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Technology Overview

The Stackbatt is the first and only solution that allows batteries to be connected to each other, and to other components free of wires, bussing, lugs, and crimping. 


The Stackbatt solution will enable EV manufacturers to achieve great distances, enable every customer to power more circuits, with the option to power the entire home or business, with the the capacity of the Inverter being the only limiting factor.  

Competitive Advantage

  • Price: The Stackbatt solution can create greater efficiencies. This translates to more kWh capacity in the same foot print for the same dollars. The Stackbatt Solution is designed to be compatible with other prismatic battery manufacturers.

  • Assembly: What used to take 2-3 hours for assembling stationary systems, now takes less than 10 minutes.   

  • Energy: More energy per s.f. than any other lithium based battery solution. The same footprint that holds 20 kWh can now hold up to 120 kWh.

The Stackbatt is highly versatile and flexible for self consumption, AC Coupling or DC Coupling, and is the breakthrough needed to help Electric vehicles compete with gas, while allowing for meaningful savings with solar and wind.