Made in the USA   



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Made in the USA

Made in The United States means reliable and sustainable supply for vendors and solar contractors. When global supply is disrupted, the Stackbatt will not be impacted as all raw materials and components are sourced in the United States.


Paladin Power and it's engineering team expect to achieve a higher energy density that will help push the electrification of vehicles and trucks to a new level. The current standard for LiFePO4 battery technology has a theoretical maximum energy of 170 mAh/g.  
The Stackbatt solution has revolutionized the way batteries are connected and is positioned to be a major driving force for the electrification of vehicles to drive great distances, and power building safely with a smaller foot print.




The Stackbatt battery has completed over one year of testing and expected to have a published energy density of 480 mAh/g energy density compared to what? The Stackbatt battery was designed for maximum safety that make it suitable for the automotive and aerospace industry. The Stackbatt is designed to take all loads off grid, not just a few critical loads a few critical loads like LG, Tesla and Sonnen. Complete Grid Replacement, make the Stackbatt ideal for off-grid applications.


  •  Scalable from 7 kwh - 120 kwh  in the same enclosure​
  •  Advanced Lithium Chemistry
  •  15,000 Watts at 120/240 split phase, (stackable and      

      scalable Inverters) in 5 KW stacks UL 1741
  •  150% surge for 45 minutes.
  •  7c Charge Rate continuous(12c @ 15s)
  •  20 yr Cycle Life @ 100% DOD ​
  •  20 Year Warranty
  •  Patent Pending

"Residential, Commercial, Aerospace, Automotive"